Reginald Appleyard’s Ixworth pair at the 1937 Dairy Show

The purpose of this website is to showcase Ixworth Poultry by bringing together all known old newspaper articles that refer to the breed, historic information, images, breed standard and recent developments. The Ixworth has no breed club at the time of writing this, and is looked after by the Rare Poultry Society (RPS). I have been appointed as registrar for the breed, to act as a point of contact between anyone interested in the breed and the RPS. The RPS holds a breeder’s directory that I can refer to when someone is looking for stock. I am also compiling a list of breeders who are not RPS members, or who do not wish to be in the breeder’s directory, but who I can contact if someone in their area is looking for stock. The UK Ixworth Breeders and Keepers facebook page is also a useful resource.

Ixworth growers at 18 weeks